Kevin Stevens

Associate Professor
Undergrad Advisor
Ph.D., 1992, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Lincoln Hall, 204


           During the past 25 years I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching a variety of courses on early modern Europe and Renaissance Italy,  including such “boutique” courses as “The History of the Book in Europe, 1450-1800,”  “The Worlds of Leonard Da Vinci,” and “Venice: A Cultural History.”  I find teaching both demanding and rewarding.   I research the history of printing and publishing in sixteenth-century Italy, with an emphasis on Milan. To date, I’ve published some 20 scholarly articles/ book chapters, most recently “Sanctity as Cheap Print: Production, Markets, and Consumers in Early Modern Milan.’ (U. of Toronto Press), and am completing a manuscript, The Business of Print: Publishing, Politics, and Society in Early Modern Milan.  Recently I took part in an Aldine Quincentennial Symposium (in honor of Aldus Manutius, the famous Venetian Printer) at the Newberry Library in Chicago, where I gave a paper, “Did you Read about the Gentleman in Padua who killed his Servant and poisoned his Wife…?  News -sheets in Sixteenth -Century Italy.”


  • HIST 105: European Civilization
  • HIST 371: Ancient Civilization I
  • HIST 372: Ancient Civilization II
  • HIST 377: European Social History
  • HIST 384: The Italian Renaissance
  • HIST 482/682: The Age of Discovery, 1300-1600
  • HIST 484a/684a: History of the Book, 1450-1800
  • HIST 498/698: Venice: A Cultural History
  • CH 201: Ancient and Medieval Culture