Graduate Certificate in History

The program is designed for, but not limited to, classroom teachers in social studies seeking advanced preparation in specific history content areas. Students will improve their professional preparation by expanding knowledge of content areas and research and writing skills, selecting areas of study linked to their professional goals. The program has been designed to expand the ability of teachers to instruct across the curriculum based upon the district standards 

Students currently enrolled in a program for social studies credential in the College of Education, may also pursue the certificate. If they are pre-bachelor’s students, their enrollment must conform to the policy of the Graduate School regarding enrollment of undergraduates in graduate level courses as stated in the UNR catalogue. 

Students with majors in disciplines of the social sciences or humanities whose goals include historical writing, research, study, and or applied history, may also work toward the certificate.


To pursue the certificate, the student must meet one of these requirements: a Bachelor’s degree in a humanities or social science; a bachelor’s degree in Education; or Teaching Credential; or if they are undergraduates, they may pursue the certificate provided they are working on one of the degrees or credentials described above, and that they meet the requirements of the Graduate School, as stated in the UNR catalog, for undergraduates taking graduate courses. 


Review the requirements for admission found at [enter url]


If you have a BA or BS degree:

  1. enroll as a “Grad Special” Here.  Enrollment is possible up to the first day of each semester.
  2. Contact the Graduate Director to notify her/him of your intent to pursue the certificate before you have completed three graduate credits.


If you are an undergraduate who meets the qualifications for enrolling in graduate credit contact the Graduate Director before enrollment in graduate credits for the certificate.


Program Requirements

Students must complete twelve units of graduate-level courses with a grade of at least B-. At least three credits must be taken at the 700 level. Students must notify the Graduate Director of the Department of History, in writing, of their intent to pursue the certificate and must meet with the Director to plan their course work.