Graduate Assistantships

The Department of History offers a limited number of assistantships annually. Graduate Assistants are exempt from out-of-state tuition, and they also receive a substantial waiver for course fees.

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis to applicants admitted to Graduate Standing in History. Duties may consist of leading discussion sections, grading examinations and reports, proctoring examinations, lecturing, and aiding in research projects. A Graduate Assistant in the Department of History must register for minimum of six graduate credits each semester. Graduate Assistants may hold no other employment in the University and Community College System of Nevada without the approval of the Graduate Director and the Graduate School. 

Requirement and expectations, payments and benefits, grant-in-aid forms, and policies on enrollment and employment can be found on the Graduate School Web pages.  See in particular the information on maximum length of awards. The award letter from the History Department will indicate the length of your immediate award. 

Teaching assistants are expected to be available for work and/or training the week before the beginning of classes each semester.  All new Teaching Assistants are required to attend Teaching Assistant Training during the week before classes start, according to the schedule set for each Fall semester by the Graduate School.  The department may also require that Teaching Assistants attend the Core Humanities training during that week. 


Teaching Assistantship applications are normally awarded once a year. Application Deadline: March 1

Students applying for admission to the MA or Ph.D. program:

"Application for Graduate Assistantship"  

1.  Indicate on the online application your wish to apply.

2.  Contact the History Graduate Director by letter (not email) to notify them of your application before the application deadline. 

3.  The Graduate Director may request additional materials. 

Mail to:

Department of History/0308 

University of Nevada, Reno 
Reno, Nevada 89557-0031 

For consideration, all application materials for admission must have been received by the March 1 deadline.


Students currently enrolled in the MA or Ph.D. program who wish to apply or reapply.

Submit the following: